Apologies for the long delay, but I have now added screencaps of Jessica’s appearances in the tenth and eleventh episodes of Gotham season 3.


I have also added 2 new stills and a promotional image featuring the entire cast in character.




With only one scene, I have added just over 40 HQ screencaps of Jessica in yesterday’s episode. Check them out in the gallery with the link below.




I’m extremely happy that Jessica appeared in this episode of Gotham a lot more than her previous two so far. I have added HQ screencaps for the episode titled “Mad City: Anything for You.”

043.jpg 072.jpg 112.jpg



Jessica recently did an interview with Comicbook.com and they talked about her role on Gotham. As you know, Jessica plays the character Tabitha, also known as Tigress in the DC Universe. Although she had an outfit of some sort in the 2nd season (when she first appeared), she has never had a constant costume. Below is the interview, as well as some written snippets.

The Mad Hatter may have made his way to Gotham tonight, but some fans are still waiting for Jessica Lucas to suit up as Tigress.

Will the actress ever get a costume? Well, she hopes so.

“Of course, yeah. I’m hoping for that eventually,” Lucas told ComicBook.com’s Good Knight Gotham aftershow. “Right now we’re still focused on building up who Tabitha Galavan it and establishing more of that. Eventually I tink the plan is to turn her into Tigress. I don’t know what the writers have in store or when that’s going to happen, but I hope it happens. That would be awesome.”

She noted that there’s really not much of a blueprint for how or if that might happen because — even ignoring the fact that Gotham tends to take plenty of liberties with its existing DC characters — the Tabitha Galavan version of Tigress is not one that exists in the comics.

“I felt like I had free reign to do what I wanted” with the character, Lucas said, noting that since Tigress isn’t exactly a household name, so it’s kind of nice to know the odds of her disappointing lots of fans by not sticking to a strict script are pretty small.

Read the rest of the article here.



I have added HQ screencaps of Jessica appearing in Monday nights episode of Gotham, “Mad City: Look Into My Eyes” to the gallery. I hope we get to see a bit more screentime for Jessica as Tabitha, and also more interaction with other characters in future episodes!




Although there is only a millisecond preview of Jessica in this promo, at least it guarantees that she will appear in this episode!



I am very please and excited to announce the opening of the newest and currently only source for actress, Jessica Lucas. Jessica currently stars in Gotham, and having spent a weekend a few months ago binge watching the first two seasons, I knew I had to make a site on Jessica, as I also had a soft spot for her character Riley in Friends with Benefits.

The site and gallery are still a work in progress, with the site pretty much complete and the gallery still needing a number of shows added.

As you can see in the posts below and before this post, I’ve been regularly updating the site, so that recent updates in Jessica’s life and career are easy to follow. Feel free to follow the links in each post to screencaps from the first episode of Gotham Season 3, as well as HQ images from a recent event.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please bookmark the site. Feel free to apply for affiliates here!



Today is a very special day as it is Jessica’s 31st birthday! Although the site, at the time of writing, isn’t open yet I still wanted to have a birthday post written up. I’ve been aware of Jessica since her Friend with Benefits day and always resisted the urge to create a site. Finally, after Gotham, I took the plunge and I am so happy to be a fan of an actress with such a bright future!

Jessica herself has shared this image on Instagram of her blowing out her birthday candles!

Thank you for all the birthday love 🙂 It was a perfect day 📸 @hiryanhansen #birthdaygirl #31

A photo posted by Jessica Lucas (@iamjessicalucas) on



The night finally arrived! Gotham premiered last night in America on Fox and although I’ve yet to watch the episode, I just could not resist screencapping Jessica already in the first episode! I’ll not post any spoilers, but she did look amazing!

As you can see below, I have HQ screencaps of her scenes in the episode titled “Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell”. Check them out following the link below the thumbnail images.




With the Emmy Awards taking place soon (18th September) Jessica was invited to the Annual Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy’s Party and looked absolutely amazing! She was styled in a beautiful Rebecca Callavance dress and also wore Casadei heels and a Lee Savage bag!

Jessica’s hairdresser also posted this image off her getting ready before the big night:

Sadly there weren’t many images released, however I have 6 HQ images to the gallery!


Style credits:
Hair: Charles Baker Strahan
Makeup: Brett Freedman
Stylist: Lindsey Dupuis


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