Jessica Talks Whether She’ll Get A Gotham Costume

Jessica recently did an interview with and they talked about her role on Gotham. As you know, Jessica plays the character Tabitha, also known as Tigress in the DC Universe. Although she had an outfit of some sort in the 2nd season (when she first appeared), she has never had a constant costume. Below is the interview, as well as some written snippets.

The Mad Hatter may have made his way to Gotham tonight, but some fans are still waiting for Jessica Lucas to suit up as Tigress.

Will the actress ever get a costume? Well, she hopes so.

“Of course, yeah. I’m hoping for that eventually,” Lucas told’s Good Knight Gotham aftershow. “Right now we’re still focused on building up who Tabitha Galavan it and establishing more of that. Eventually I tink the plan is to turn her into Tigress. I don’t know what the writers have in store or when that’s going to happen, but I hope it happens. That would be awesome.”

She noted that there’s really not much of a blueprint for how or if that might happen because — even ignoring the fact that Gotham tends to take plenty of liberties with its existing DC characters — the Tabitha Galavan version of Tigress is not one that exists in the comics.

“I felt like I had free reign to do what I wanted” with the character, Lucas said, noting that since Tigress isn’t exactly a household name, so it’s kind of nice to know the odds of her disappointing lots of fans by not sticking to a strict script are pretty small.

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Jessica Talks Whether She’ll Get A Gotham Costume